At EternalCoverage, we understand that filing a claim can be difficult, especially after going through the stressful processes of dying and being resurrected. Our customers often experience memory loss and with filing cabinets emptied and the documents shredded, it can be difficult to gather all information needed to file a claim.

For this reason, we have created this simple form that will ask you some basic questions so our experts can effectively reject your claim.

Claimant Name:
I am sure that my name is:

Cause Of Death:
Please describe your cause of death as accurately as possible. Check all that apply.

My death was:
related to natural disasters, excluding earthquakes caused by your mom sitting down
stoned to death with lemons
caused by your neighbor
As we cover most cases of resurrection, please indicate if your resurrection was related to taking revenge.

I certify that my resurrection for the purposes of revenge.
Additional Details:
Please select the sentence you agree with more:

I am at peace.
That's me
I am in pieces.
That's me
I am at peace and in pieces.
That's me
I am eating a bucket of fried chicken but they were out of mashed potatoes.
That's me
Chance of approval: 25%

I give up Submit Claim